Overview of How to Access GoToList

GoToList Support Team -

Members, Guests and List Organizers can access GoToList in multiple ways.

From a phone, you have two options:

  1. Install our free, dedicated app for Android, Windows Phone, and Apple's iOS.  Click on the one you need and it will take you to the appropriate store.

  2. Use the phone's own browser and sign in at https://app.goto-list.com/signin.  We also recommend that you save the location to your home screen to allow easy repeat access to the app.  See these articles for detailed instructions for Android and Apple iOS.

From a computer, you can simply sign in at https://app.goto-list.com/signin.  We recommend you save the link as a "bookmark" to make it easy to return to the site.  Specific directions for saving urls can be found in your browser's own help system.

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