GoToList on an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad)

GoToList Support Team -

The best way to access GoToList from your iPhone or iPad is to install our free iOS app from here.

You may also use the Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad and sign in here to the GoToList web app.

Apple makes it easy for you to return to the GoToList site and view it in "full screen" through its "Add to Home Screen" feature within Safari.  (This works for ANY website you visit and a cool feature most iPhone users do not know about.)


Step 1:  Click on the Safari button that looks like this at the bottom of the screen.




Step 2:  Select "Add to Home Screen"



Step 3:  Edit the name if you like and click "Add".



Step 4:  The phone will install the GoToList logo on the first available space on your home screen (the first page where there is room) and you can now treat it like any app on your phone, enjoying the FULL SCREEN view of the app.  If you click "remember me" on the GoToList Sign In page, you won't have to type in your name/password every time you open the app. 






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