Importing existing data into GoToList

GoToList Support Team -

There are multiple methods to import contact information into your List because the information you need most likely exists in different places.

Your Phone:  GoToList is designed as primarily a mobile app, so you'd expect to easily pull information from the contacts book already on your phone.  So you can.

Your Web Service:  When you're using GoToList in your computer's browser, you can't directly access your phone's address book, so we allow you to access Google and Outlook/Live contacts from the GoToList web app.

Existing Emails:  So much of your interaction with Contacts you want to have in the List has already happened via email, so why not make it easy to import names and email addresses from existing emails on your computer.  So we make it easy to do that.

Spreadsheet Files:  Yea, we know, all the data geeks out there expect to "import" vast amounts of data through spreadsheet (Excel or CSV) files.  We're not huge fans of that cuz it can be very challenging, but we do provide a simple ability to copy/paste names and email addresses from spreadsheets so Members can be invited and then edit their own information.

Still, we strongly believe that Members should input and update their own information so they maintain control over what is shared, and so the List Organizer isn't overwhelmed with the data management task.   

So that's the short and the long of "import" at GoToList.

We'd love to hear from you if you disagree and want or need the ability to import data in more traditional means. Send a mail to

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