GoToList on an Android Device

GoToList Support Team -

There are two ways to access GoToList from an Android device:

  • With our free Android app available here.
  • Using the  built-in browser on the device by signing in here.


When using the browser, we suggest you take advantage of Android's ability to show a web page in "full-screen" mode as well as save an icon on the home screen.


Step 1:  Click on the upper right menu icon and select the "Add to home screen" option.




Step 2:  Edit the name and click "Add"



Step 3:  The device will install the GoToList logo on your home screen (wherever there is room) and you can now treat it like any app on your phone. Click it, and the web page will open, sign in, and if you click “Remember Me”, you won’t have to sign in again.  Now you'll have full screen access to the web app.








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