Overview -- See a GoToList Calendar in your own Calendar App

GoToList Support Team -

Calendars can be very challenging to keep organized, and even more challenging for Group Members and Guests to track.  That's why we made it very simple for your list's Members and Guests to view the calendar from right inside their own calendar app.

We use a standard web protocol that allows members and guests to "subscribe" to the List's calendar.  That way they see the up-to-date calendar events right next to their personal calendars, and when those events change, their calendars are automatically updated.

To subscribe, from the calendar screen, simply choose "Actions" and then "Subscribe" and follow the directions from there.

We officially support Microsoft Outlook, Apple's Calendar, and Google's Calendar capabilities on computers, phones, and browsers.  For detailed instructions, see the detailed article in this section for the calendar application you use.

To be clear, users can only view calendars in their calendar apps, they cannot edit or create events.  To edit or create events, you must use the GoToList app itself.

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