Android/Google Calendar can view GoToList Calendars

GoToList Support Team -

If you use an Android device in conjunction with a Google account for your calendar, follow these directions to view GoToList Calendars.  We wish there were a way to accomplish all of this from your mobile device, but that's impossible, you'll have to do it from your computer.

From the GoToList app on your computer (sign in at, copy the unique url for the calendar you wish to view by opening the Calendar of interest, select "Actions > Subscribe" and click on the "Copy Link". 

Log into your Google account on your browser and go to your Google Calendar.  In the left side menu at the bottom, click the down arrow next to "Other Calendars" and select "Add by URL".

In the "Add by URL" field, paste the GoToList Calendar url by clicking on your browser's "Edit" menu item and then "Paste".  Click the "Add Calendar" button and Google will add the GoToList calendar under "Other Calendars".

You should hover over the name of the newly created calendar and a "down arrow" button will appear, click on it and select "Calendar Settings".

Edit the "Calendar Name" field to something shorter and more understandable, like the name of the GoToList list it's from, and click on Save.

You should now see the GoToList calendar in your Google Calendar listing.









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