Outlook.Com can view GoToList Calendars

GoToList Support Team -

In addition to the popular computer app Outlook (for Exchange) from Microsoft, many users may prefer to use the Microsoft Outlook web service available through www.live.com and their Microsoft account.  It's easy to view GoToList calendars by subscribing to them.

First, login to your GoToList account (www.goto-list.com) and copy the unique Calendar url by viewing the calendar you want, selecting "Actions > Subscribe" and clicking on "Copy Link".

Now, open your browser and login to your Microsoft Live/Outlook account and go to Calendar.  In the upper left menu click on the "Import" command and in the new page click on "Subscribe".


Paste the GoToList calendar url in the "Calendar URL" field.  Then type a Calendar name in the respective field (usually use the name of the GoToList list). To complete the process, click on "Subscribe" and you'll see the GoToList calendar in your Outlook.Com online calendar.


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