Read this before creating your first list...

GoToList Support Team -

The absolute best way to take full advantage of GoToList is to create lists of Contacts who have full membership rights in the list.  This gives the List Organizer tremendous functionality when communicating with the group, sharing the calendar, posting information, and taking polls.  Moreover, it reduces the organizer's workload by allowing Members to update their own information while giving those members full functionality of the app as well.

So Lists of Contacts who are Members are the best way to go.

As you add Contacts to the list, you're given the opportunity to immediately invite them to join the List so they may view it, edit their own information, and take full advantage of the Calendar and Polls themselves.

But you don't need to invite them immediately.

In fact, we recommend that you wait until you have had a good chance to really get to know GoToList and its functionality, as well as be able to fill the Calendar with events, update the InfoPage with relevant information, etc. before you invite your Contacts to become members.

Again, we make it easy to manage that process by tracking member status and enabling List Organizers to see and manage those invitations.


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